Monday, December 22, 2008

A Before and After Christmas Tale-Updated

Once upon a time a family had a living room that looked like this:

You may have noticed the clutter, the toys, and the photos, Oh My! How would Santa enter to leave the loot? Would he have to give the headless boys the boot?

Then, after 2 years of comparison shopping, waiting, and gnashing of teeth the family decided to take the plunge. Recession be damned! "Let's enter the 21st century, already!," they exclaimed. Off to the electronics specialty shop they went, thank goodness they had already paid the rent. (Poetic, ya'll. We own the house.) A TV was what they were after...

And boy did they ever find one.

That right there is 52 inches of high definition beauty, my friends. My football-lovin' soul is in heaven tonight-even watching the Packers and Bears (Brrrrr! I'm cold just watching this game!) Tomorrow we get our HD box, and get this...


Look out 21st century. Here we come!

Merry Christmas to us, and to all a sharp, and large! picture for your viewing pleasure.

Update: Getting this stuff set up right sucks. Cable people have been here TWICE today. If you follow me on Twitter you've seen my frustration all day. Still don't know when it will be fixed. *sigh* And I have not finished shopping (planned on being out of the house by 10 this morning.) And as of JUST NOW I have to wait on the installation guy to come back so he can figure hout what is going on. I'm in tears. Merry @#*& Christmas, yo.

Headless Mom


HGD Capt'n said...

It loks "Beautiful"!!!!
Now yoiu can really enjoy all the bowl games and all the other football games!! Enjoy the Merry Christmas present to the family--

Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Congrats! And welcome to the 21st century! You will never imagine how you managed without a DVR before.

headless girl :] said...


a DVR!!
i'm in heaven..

till i go back to school

its kinda empty not used to it

Keetha said...

Brett-a-Jetta did not win that game. :-(

You will LOVE your HDVR - - - even more than the flatscreen.

Were you pulling for the Packers or the Bears last night?

The EDGE Colorado said...

Wow - that is cool.
We are still hanging in the 20th Century at the Kraakevik household.

We are kind of like on of those "living history farms." I am thinking another 10 years or so, and we can start selling tickets for people to come see how people lived before HDTV. :)

The Glamorous Life said...

Last Superbowl my husband and I met at Costco during his lunch to pick up pretzels and snacks etc before the big game that weekend. We left with a 60" PLASMA TV. So yeasterday when my son had a new friend over for a playdate...I heard him say "yeah my mom went to get pretzels and came home with a plasma. She is the best".....and then they proceeded to play Wii in LIFE SIZE practically. It is awesome. And I love it. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU.

Merry, merry.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's a terrific TV, but what about those awesome Christmas stockings? :-)

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Welcome to the 21st Century, in all it's HD glory!

Was reading your other post about the Sheriff's cruising by in the parade...if you saw them, you probably saw my dad who work for the SB dept. He loves any opportunity to get the uniform on and walk around with his Glock! *lol*

BTW, once you've gone HD, you can never go back. Trust me on this one!

Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

WHOOO HOOOO. What a beautiful sight. It's sure to make football viewing just right.

The Andrus' said...

M is soooo jealous! Watching football will never be the same. ;)

Sorry for the frustration, they'll figure it out [hopefully] soon. Merry Christmas to the family!