Sunday, December 21, 2008

A List Update, For Those Of You Keeping Track

  • Parties went fine, despite my anxiety about not having enough help. There was plenty of help.
  • Went to a FAB party on Fri. night. Sheriff's dept. and Fire dept weave through our city, sirens blaring, and stop at select homes/streets. Santa! And much more. So fun.
  • For party clothes: pants and shoes that I had, made an emergency Kohl's run for a 'colorful' blouse, (HD's request) Ended up pretty cute!
  • HD's party was....meh. We decided that it was because we've been to a bunch by now and at this point they just all run together.
  • Have to finish laundry today, clean off hearth, clean bathrooms (one minimum,) finish our shopping list-kind of a fill in the blanks proposition.
  • This week we will bake cookies for Santa, and make a giant mess. I can handle that part of the to do list-if the mess is planned, I can handle it!
Love to you this Christmas. I'm going to keep writing for a couple of days, then maybe take a little break (Oh, you mean I already did this month? Really?) I am reading and trying to comment to all of you at least once during this next couple of weeks-see you around, ok?

Headless Mom

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Keetha said...

It always seems to prove true that what we worry about is never as bad in reality as we feared - - - but we never seem to learn and save ourselves the worry.

Glad all is going well.