Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny Foto Friday (Not!)

Funny that my boys share a room. Funny that they decided that they don't want to share anymore. (Or not.)
Mom came up with a brilliant idea. (That would be me.) Clean the room and rearrange the furniture so each boy has some space of his own. On my own. (Really. All by myself.)(Not funny either.)
Funny that this was 3 weeks ago and there has been little progress since these pictures were taken. Well, the furniture has been positioned. Countless bags of crap stuff has been thrown out. I even sent some of the clutter on!

Still left to be done: take down all pictures, fill nail holes, paint over said nail holes, re-hang all pictures. Move furniture again and vacuum under/around all. (That's since we finally got the vacuum fixed. That was decidedly NOT funny.) Find places for all the crap stuff that wasn't eliminated.

Funny that we are now scrambling to get the downstairs clean and ready for a house full for the game on Sunday, as well as grocery shop for the yummy food. Funny that I'm not spending my time on finishing that room so I can move on to other rooms in the house that desperately need the attention.

Come to think of it? It's not funny at all.

Go check out more, you know, actually funny pictures at Anne's place!

PS-Don't forget! We're on the last day of my giveaway and even if you've already entered once you can enter again today. Great stuff, baby!

PPS-I actually like that last photo. It's really cool the way the sun in coming in the room. I don't, however, like the way that all I can really see is DISASTER AREA!

PPPS-I swear I won't use the ps thing often. It's her schtick.

Headless Mom


Scribbit said...

I still have a few last Christmas decorations I haven't yet taken down (don't tell).

anneglamore said...

Compared to Porter's room this is neat as a pin! And I have Xmas candles from 2 years ago still up. So clearly my house is the messiest, but I guess I proved that when I posted the pic of my dirty sink.

Have a fun party, and good luck finishing the room

kyooty said...

Can your boys help? Do they have any ideas on how They want it? (I have no clue how old your headless crew are yet...still reading back)