Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning To Get In The Way

So many times we tell our children to be quiet, slow down, to stay out of the way. The joy of football is that we get to do just the opposite. Flag football seems to be the perfect introduction to really learning how to get in the way. In the right way. "GET IN THE WAY!" Is our new mantra on sports days. HB#2 even got to run the ball on this cloudy, perfect-for-football-weather Sunday, and gained 5 yards. Guess they weren't expecting the center to get the ball? Whatever. At least he's playing. And loving every minute. Watch out tackle-league, here comes the Headless Boy that will GET IN THE WAY.

So is Mama.

BTW-my kid is the biggest kid in the picture. Well, actually, the whole league for his age group.

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Headless Mom

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kyooty said...

You mean #12? I love how your picture reflects a Very different season! :)