Saturday, April 4, 2009


I know we've all seen this about a hundred times, but it never fails to make me laugh.

Do you have a funny story about your kids that we would laugh at? Are you one of the rare ones that has video from your childhood? Please tell us about it!

Headless Mom


Keetha Broyles said...

Did you order your Hotflops yet?

Kelly said...

We've watched this a zillion times and when I played it again from your post my son came running to see it once again!

Cap'n Sam said...

I have watched it every day since you posted it and LAUGH every time !!
Reminds me of you and your "Little" Brother!!!!

musingwoman said...

I have funny videos of my kids, but if I ever shared them for the world to see they would disown me. LOL

The Glamorous Life said...

I can't even figure out why this is so so funny to me.

Could be the accents.

English people are funny. He is is English right?

Oh whatever.