Saturday, November 28, 2009

Double Digits

Ten years ago today you came into our lives. Nine and a half pounds of all knees and elbows.

Today you're still all knees and elbows and only tip the scales at 60 lbs., dripping wet.

You're quick to anger, just like your mom, and love to yell. I'm sorry that you learned that from me, but we'll continue to work on it, ok?

You are really smart. You just made the high honor roll for the first time and your dad and I are so proud. I love how curious you are, and how you invent things then draw up the plans for building it. Detailed, down to the screws.

I love how you play games of Pokemon, Bakkugan, or Yugioh, even if you never follow all of the rules. At least the rules are getting more consistent now and don't change in the middle of the game.

I love that you love your brother and sister fiercely, most of the time. You and #2 play so well together when you want to. The happy sounds make my mommy's heart swell. I'm really glad that you get along so well even though you two are drastically different. (In the interest of 'fair and balanced' though, when you two fight? I want to rip your eyes out.)

You have decided this year that baseball is your game. You have a great head for it. You 'get it' unlike a lot of kids your age. You are currently taking private lessons because you want to get better before next season. You have recognized that it takes practice to get better, and that the best players play more. Your coach complimented you last week on your improvement, and your eyes sparkled. Hard work pays off, and you're seeing it for the first time I think.

You have a kind, gentle, and loving heart. You are the first kid to be compassionate for someone that is hurt or crying. Your whole life you've been this way. Other adults notice and comment on how caring you are. That is not taught but born into the fiber of your being. It is a quality that may get you hurt in your life, but it will also bring you much joy. I don't want you to let it go, but I do want you to develop a few (small) callouses to protect your sweet heart. I hate to see you hurting from the small, everyday hurts of this world.

You have to be flexible this year for your day. We are spending the evening celebrating Grandma's* 80th birthday, and you're ok with that. We'll have your favorite dinner with your aunt and uncle tomorrow, and your first sleep over party next weekend. I guess that just means that we'll celebrate lots of times.

You're worth celebrating, my son. Happy 10th Birthday!

Headless Mom

*Grandma is my cousin's wife's mother. That family is awesome, personified. I'm sure he'll get a Happy Birthday or two there, too.


Rocks In The Wash said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cap'n Sam said...

Happy Birthday to #1 Son, from the Headless Colorado "Group" !!!

becca said...

Awww.... so sweet. He seems like a great little (big) guy. Happy Birthday to him!!

Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday HB#1.

Beautiful post Headless Mom.

Keetha Broyles said...

Happy Birthday, Headless Boy 1!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful letter to your HB#1. Happy birthday to him! and Happy "birth" day to you!

kyooty said...

Happy Birthday!! November rocks!

Mary (MPJ) said...

So sweet! A belated happy birthday from me!