Friday, January 15, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Taking pictures at IEF.

Talking football at DDS-Twice!

Wishing Carmen a quick recovery.

Updating my blogroll and my BlogHer'09 peeps. (See, Mr. Lady? I did it! Did you?) (See also? If you don't find your name on one of those lists, it was an oversight. Comment or email me and I'll fix it.)

Also? Y'all really worked out my commenter muscle yesterday but I'm up for more. Did I miss your Delurker day post? Yikes! Let me know and I'll come by and comment.... Unlike the 100+ of you that visited but didn't comment. Uh, that's what Delurker day is all about, duh!

Headless Mom

1 comment:

Just Breathe said...

Honestly, 100 people and they didn't comment. I really don't get that. I plan on working in my reader and making a new file for have to, have to read because I can barely keep up with my A-List so I have to weed somemore!
Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday for bowling & lunch.