Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ugly, Part 1

Today was one of those ugly days. One that you're not so proud of, even while it was happening, but you're somehow unable to stop the ugly.

The background:

HD has been out of town all week working on an emergency job. This is very out of the ordinary-the most he's ever been gone for business was about 2 nights. I so don't know how single parents do it. Although I'm sure I'd get used to it, it sucked. We started baseball this week so I was on duty for wake up, homework, dinner, practice, showers, and bed time. Whaaaaahhh. I know. But when you're used to a break now and then? On a daily basis? It becomes a long week.

On Wednesday evening #2 started feeling yucky: slight fever, glassy eyes, sore throat, sore ear. I did what any mom would-gave him advil and sent him to bed. Worked for about an hour. He ended up sleeping with me and we did less sleeping and more dodging elbows and knees. Not to mention a nightmare that required me to accompany him to the bathroom at 2:30 am. With the lights on.

Groggy, I sent him to school, and groggy I picked him up again before the end of the day. Mother of the Year-Again!

I also knew enough to call the doctor. This kid never complains about his ears and usually has raging ear infections anyway. Luckily we were able to get in that day, and I wasn't wrong. Double ear infection.

I say all of that because I had planned on taking the boys to the mission for #1's 4th grade project on Friday but I couldn't see sticking a sick kid in a car for 2 hours, only to walk around for 2 hours and then get in the car again for another 2 hours. #1 was really understanding about that, but that also meant that we were stuck in the house for the better part of Friday. I chose to do chores, then in late afternoon we had to run some errands. Oh smart me, I forgot to eat for most of the day so by the time we were done shopping I was really done.

Pizza for dinner then we settled in to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Gah, is this day not over yet? Bed after midnight, (thank you NBC for the shitty schedule,) and the kids were up by 7 or so. Yea.

So, this is getting a little long. I'm gonna break it into two parts. It's really about me and my crappy day and my crappy mothering. Thanks for reading my lengthy lead in. It will all make sense soon.

Part 2

Headless Mom

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Just Breathe said...

It's not easy. Even when we think the husbands don't help allot it's nice to have them around. Sorry #2 was sick and you couldn't do the mission. Need a hug....((HUGS))