Monday, December 20, 2010

Fear Overcome

Have you heard about the rain in our parts? Last I heard, the rainfall totals since Friday are over 7 inches, with DAYS more to come. I honestly don't remember a storm system like this ever, in all of the years that I've lived in Southern California.

Have you checked out the satellite picture of this baby? Go here to see the latest 24 hour loop. Crazy wet, this one. What you can't see on this is the tail that extends out to HAWAII. That's over 2,000 miles more of rain in our forecast.

I'm not complaining. Nosirree. I hate the heat way more that I might dislike any amount of rain/snow, so in essence, I'm good.


Saturday morning we woke up to a leaky roof, that was draining down into the wall that our front door is on. Luckily it wasn't raining too hard and Headless Dad and I grabbed our camping tarps and some sandbags and got it covered in about 30 minutes or so. We thought that was going to be the end of that.

Ha! Mother Nature had other ideas, and by Sunday morning the leak was going again. So off to Home Depot he went for more plastic and more sand.

"Up on the rooftop" has never held so much meaning. We spent 2 1/2 + hours ON THE ROOF laying plastic, taping plastic, and positioning sandbags, all the while bracing ourselves against the wind and rain. By the end I was soaked from head to toe, literally. My shoes are *still* soaked over 24 hours later. We endured periods of light drizzle and heavy downpours.

And I was petrified.

One of my biggest fears is falling. You know the sensation of falling that you have in nightmares? That. I won't go on the Tower of Fear-type rides at amusement parks because I fear that feeling. Bungee jumping or sky-diving? I can't even think about those without having a panic attack, so roof-walking is not really in my repertoire.

But I did it. I got up there, and helped my husband, and overcame any fear that I had. I did it and it didn't kill me. I won, dammit. I beat the fear.

Headless Mom


Rocks In The Wash said...

I have to say I don't care for heights either, however... my father use to tell me that I had to "face" my fears. I've gone rappelling, rock climbing and parachuting (twice). All I can say is... I'm still terrified of heights; I just try not to look down!

Hope the roof gets fixed soon. ((HUGS))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Good for you overcoming that fear. That sounds like a lot of work, especially while it is windy & rainy! So sorry to hear about the leak.

Just Margaret said...

Good for you! I'd be a quivering mess, I don't know that I'd have been any help whatsoever to my hub if I had to venture out onto the roof to help him.

Keetha Broyles said...

I heard/saw about your rain storm and the mudslides it could produce on TV.

I'm thinking about you!

Mrs. Fun said...

The rain is crazy over there. I hope it starts to dry up and the flooding stops. Stay safe and dry.

kyooty said...

Oh I remember that Scenerio oh so well. One Christmas Eve? maybe 2008 Hubbie was up putting Tarps down so Santa wouldnt' fall through our roof and the rain would stop coming in our front door and window wall.
It's been Raining like Mad here for about 10days, Our beach is gone, all swept away in Tidal and Storm Surge. Buildings were moved inland from where they sat on Warfs, it's a crazy year.
I think i'll have some more coffee...
Merry Christmas