Sunday, December 26, 2010

Next Year Will Be Better

HD and I had the conversation last week about it "not feeling like Christmas." It was cold, yes, but with the chaos around here we hadn't been able to do the usual decorating, lights, baking, you know, the stuff that makes it "feel" like Christmas. He wants Christmas to feel like it did when we were kids: all full of excitement and wonder. Did our parents feel like we do now when we were the children? Was it easier then to create the feeling of Christmas before consumerism was the name of the game? I'd love to have that feeling back too. What's your secret?

Even the 9 year old said it didn't feel like Christmas. Ouch.

My inside decorations consisted of a 4 foot tall tree, pre-lit, with only the ornaments that were given as gifts for decoration. The stockings were hung by the chimney with to not knock the video game sensors off of the mantle. There is snow dust everywhere; so much so that if I had a bokeh lens it might actually look like snow. For Real.

Two days before Christmas while I was shopping I began to feel it settling in my eyes and throat. It tried to snuggle into my chest but mucinex chased it away, so instead it is trying to make my eyes pop out of my head by playing in my sinuses. #2 has it also, but I think he's a day ahead of me so he feels a little better. That or he's so hypnotized by the XBox360 that Santa brought that he no longer can feel anything.

The girl stayed with us this year because "we always have decorations and lights up and it's more fun with my little brothers." Oops. Not that it was entirely anyone's fault but for her it didn't feel like Christmas since we didn't/weren't able to do all the little things that make it more of a holiday. Me neither, girl. (She's off tomorrow to go see her mother. No matter how many years it's been, I still hate to see her go.)

HD and I have already decided that we're starting early next year so it feels like Christmas by December 1st. Inside and outside decorations galore, maybe even a Christmas party! But we're definitely determined to make next Christmas much more festive than this one ever thought about being. I failed Christmas 2010, but come hell or high water (not again!) Christmas 2011 will be loads of awesome!

This post brought to you by guilt, (I haven't posted in a week!), and snot. You're welcome.

Headless Mom


Just Margaret said...

Oh...I can so relate to this post. We had that Christmas two years ago--only it was a wicked ice storm that had us powerless for 12 days (Dec. 10 to Dec. 22).

((hugs)) Here's to a very happy New Year for the Headless Family! Next year will be better!

Erica M said...

I didn't wrap a single gift. It was like: here ya go, now go pour me a drink. I still don't have the holiday spirit. I'm kinda limping along 'til March.

kyooty said...

Now I Found it ws the opposite, I found that this Christmas was much more Christmasy then the last many years. People were saying Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year is on the go now. I baked, I planned, I shopped and I drank a bit. Santa brought a bottle of Irish Cream and I'm figuring out just what to pour it in. hehe
The boys didn't get out of school until the 23rd so I had time to plan. Jesus is the reason for the season. We went to mass, the kids had fun and enjoyed the mass and I enjoyed the mass too, even if it was Very loud. We watched Christmas Vacation while loading up stockings. Somethings will always be Christmas for me. My family, my kids playing games, baking and Christmas movies and music.

Sam said...

It's a good thing you didn't come here this year expecting it to feel like Christmas - it was in the 50s the past couple of days!

I just had Christmas music playing constantly, that helped me feel more like Christmas. It must have worked because as I deleted the Christmas music off my iPod last night, I felt kind of sad. I kept a couple on there, and of course the New Year's songs.

I'm glad you're choosing for 2011 to be awesome. I'm sure it will be. :)

Rocks In The Wash said...

It was sort of the same here; its hard to have the great feel of Christmas when the house is in a total "construction" mess. Lets hope for a more chrismasy Christmas next year minus the construction!

Anna See said...

Both kids said it didn't feel like Christmas here either. We had an AWESOME 2 days until they talked to friends about what "they got" and came away feeling poor and depressed.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know you feel guilty but you can't help the circumstances that happened to the house. I know you were lucky to have a floor to walk on! ((HUGS))