Monday, December 13, 2010

So We Have Something to Compare The After Pictures to

(I failed turning pictures. Sorry.) This is the entry way of our house,  from the family room toward the front door. Tack strip included at no charge. Monday the foreman is coming to demo this tile and, I assume, give me a plan for the week and what to expect.

Hey, Keetha! Do you see my school desk? Told you I had one too. This one is usually over by the front door (the right side of the two in the picture above.) This is our 'formal' living room. There isn't much living going on in there right now. All of those boxes that you see piled up back there? Those are full of my Christmas decorations that I can't put up yet. Maybe never. Well, I'll for sure get to the stockings but that may be it. Clean up will be easy, right? Second tack strip (covered with cardboard and tape,) included at no extra charge.

So this is my kitchen. Again with the tack strip!!! This is the cabinet that we stripped over the weekend. (Wow, in pictures it looks really awful. I swear it doesn't look that bad in person.) For all you neat freaks out there, unfortunately my counter usually looks like this: papers, purse, all kinds of crap. It's a sickness. You are welcome to visit anytime, just be sure to take your little blue pill before you get here.

Now you'll be able to appropriately Ooh and Aah when it's all done!

Headless Mom


Just Margaret said...

You must be excited to see it completed. And for the record, that counter is pretty dang tidy. You haven't seen my kitchen. Let's just say, for the neatniks among us--they don't make enough little pills.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Can't wait to see the after pictures. What a time of year to be having this done. (I know you didn't have a choice!) My house looks like this because of Christmas shit everywhere right now. I can't imagine going through this. ((HUGS))

Keetha Broyles said...

I know you are excited to have this work FINALLY getting done - - - maybe not so excited about the interim mess, but the finished product!

I'll we waiting in anticipation of more photos - - -

PS - - - did you get RB tickets?????

Rocks In The Wash said...

Ahhh, construction work. Just imagine how wonderful things will look when its all done! (We are in the middle of construction too.)

kyooty said...

Oh good! our counters look the same :) I've got a basket for "stuff" that doesn't belong on the counter? well the count basket it full!