Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Closet: Before and After

 This is the closet under my staircase. (Yet again, I have failed rotating pictures. Put your ear on your left shoulder for maximum viewing.) It was about 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. I keep all of my Christmas decorations in here, plus boxes, tissue, wrapping paper. OH! And a silver tea service that we got for our wedding that I do not have adequate display space for quite yet. One day at a time, people, one day at a time.
 This is after the final cut. My contractor removed a couple of studs and reinforced the stairs with extra side supports and extra header boards. So now I have at least doubled my storage space! Yea!

Yes, I know that it's not 'finished' and there is no flooring. We'll get to it but since we ordered carpet for the downstairs bedroom I had to get things moved out of the living room so we would have someplace to put the furniture while they installed the carpet.

I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

It's not taking long to fill this baby up. Do you remember that my living room was filled with a ton of junk after our flood? Not anymore! I think I can even find a few more plastic tubs and add other holiday decorations, too. Storage, FTW!

Headless Mom


Just Margaret said...

I can so appreciate good storage. I used to live in a 150 year old house that literally had 10 square feet TOTAL of closet space. This? This is a storage #WIN!

Neena said...

I love organizing!! And, I'm completely jealous of your space!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks great! Nothing like having that storage under the stairway. Have fun at bowling tomorrow :)

kyooty said...

Oh my house in New England had this space all open. I almost forgot 6 boxes when I moved out in 2003. I loved using that space though.