Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Minutes

...until the boys get home. Ready, Go!

  • My HB#2 made the starting Offensive line and played every offensive play last week. Yay!
  • My HB#1 started piano lessons back in June. Not just because he's my kid, but DUDE! the kid is talented.
  • My HG had a fantastic time in Africa this summer. (I really should write more about it, or maybe I'll ask her to?) She has decided that she loves travel and is now planning on spending second semester in Israel. Wow! And: Yikes! 
  • HD is busy, busy, busy at work. Good and bad. Good=Yay! Someone is paying the bills! Bad=Boo! I never even get to chat with him, much less anything else. I kinda like him, ya know?
  • I need to come up with an EDITORIAL CALENDAR. Do you have any suggestions/links that might help me? I've got to get organized. I'm determined. Tell me what you know!
OK. My 5 minutes are up. Bye!

Headless Mom


Kim said...

I need to do an editorial calendar too. Let me know if you find anything helpful.

The HGang sounds happy and productive. Good to hear.

Just Margaret said...

1. Yay!
2. Yay!
3. Yay and *gulp*!
4. Yay and Boo!
5. no clue: I'm a seat of the pants girl myself...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Awesome news all the way around except for HD working so hard. Can't help you on the calendar.
Have a great weekend. I miss you!