Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notes from the Past

Recently I was cleaning off my desk and found this:

Cute, right? The best part is the other side, though.

You might be able to read it if you click and enlarge but let me help you! (I copied the note exactly as it was written, circa 1982.)

Kendra, I am writing this card at 11:03 at night, so if it gets sloppy, please forgive me. I think its really stupid how this whole thing turned out and since we're both too stubbern (sp) to give in, I thought I would try this. For a while it seemed (to me anyway) that we were getting to be really close, so I can't see us throing (sp) that friendship out. This might be sounding real [stupid], but I can't think of good words at 11:11 at night. I hope with this card I have broken the ice and now maybe we can talk about it soom. Well I'm running out of room, so I'd better go. Love always, Kelly W/B please!
I wish I knew what we were fighting about that week. Some MAJOR Jr. High drama, obviously. I love it though, because here I am, about 30 years later, smiling.  Smiling because whatever it was, wasn't strong enough to break up our friendship in the long term. This is the girl that I spent every Saturday of Jr. High with on the slopes of Winter Park, countless hours listening to the Go Go's and the Waitresses, practicing cheer routines, and dissecting our latest crush. Oh my, you should see the notes about the boys! (Which, I actually have a few of, stashed away. Maybe someday I'll post them here...)

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. What can I say. I'm so glad to be able to call you Friend! I'm also noticing that you need a label all your own here: I've written about you that much! (Like here)

Something else that you may not know about Kelly is that she is a direct marketing guru, with a special love for online marketing with social media expertise. Please go visit her blog, Directly Successful, or like on Facebook for great tips about using tools like Facebook to expand your business, or hire her to help your business explode!

(Kelly did not ask me to write this post. She's my friend, she's good at what she does, and Oh My Goodness that letter is funny!)
Headless Mom


Rocks In The Wash said...

How sweet was that note?! So glad that your friendship has grown over the years. HUGS!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great post about Kelly. How sweet that you have the postcard!

Just Margaret said...

Love it--That is so excellent that you still have this after all these years!

Karen r said...

a great reminder that all relationships take work. I was just speaking to Kell and his girlfriend about this during a fight they had. I told them both they can decide that no matter what happens they either have to learn to work through it, and believe the relationship is worth it, or that they can give up. But if they give up they will never have the amazing relationship that comes from growing and learning together.

Rebecca Bany said...

Awww that's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say. Glad there is proof somewhere in this world that I was able to take the first step toward resolving an argument...my husband will never believe it. :) I'll have to dig through mine to see what I can come up with.

I am horrified at my spelling!

I'm so blessed to have had a friend like you for the better part of my life, not many people can say that. I remember those notecards too!

xoxo love you, thanks for the special post :)


P.S. I would like my category to be called "Coolest friend ever". thanks