Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm trying something new today. Maybe putting this out there in public will help me get motivated.

This is a photo, straight out of my camera, of my living room. You might remember it looking like it did in this post, almost a year ago after our flood. No, there is not much change, thankyouverymuch.

My goal over the next couple of weeks is to get this room back in shape. Christmas is in about 10 weeks, (omgomgomg) and I REFUSE to have my house look like this when I'm trying to decorate for Christmas. Plus, after the crappy holiday season we had last year when my kids said that it didn't feel like Christmas, I'm determined to make it feel like Christmas this year.

The only part of this room that has been deep cleaned since that damn flood is the piano. I kinda had to since my #1 started taking piano lessons in June. Yes, there have been things that have been emptied out, but the rest of the room has not been cleaned. So. Here is a partial list of what has to be done:
  • transfer all of the files (in the middle of the floor) to the new filing cabinet
  • take the old computer to the e-recycling center (along with the full box that is in the garage)
  • find a home for the 2 boxes of board games, etc., that are in front of the pink chair on the left
  • wash and find a home for the extra blankets in the chair next to the bookcase
  • remove all books, etc., from bookcase and deep dust and clean all
  • vacuum, including the furniture
  • clean the inside of the windows and sills
  • find a home for all of the framed stuff that is slid in between the other furniture
  • get rid of all of the old National Geographic magazines
  • put my grandmother's quilt back on display behind the piano on the railing
  • rearrange furniture so we can put up the Christmas tree
See, I think it would be easy to do if I didn't have laundry, carpool, football, making meals, you know, a FAMILY TO TAKE CARE OF. 5 minutes here and there haven't made much progress so far but now you're all in on this. If you see me on fb, shoo me away. Email me to ask about progress. Text me and tell me to get my a@@ in gear. See? We're in this together.

I'll post pics every day or so to show you what I've gotten done. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself!

Headless Mom


Kizz said...

If we're getting this sort of thing out in the world I'll tell you mine, too. Misery loves company, right?

I throw a big open house the day after Thanksgiving. I like doing the cooking. I hate doing the cleaning. My goal is to have the major portions of the cleaning (deep cleaning kitchen & bathroom, decluttering whole house, etc.) by Halloween so I can enjoy the lead up to Thanksgiving and the joy of the cooking without the accompanying dread of cleaning.

If it takes me until the first weekend of November I won't be mad about that but I want clear runway to Turkey Day.

I like your list. I know you can do this!

Diana said...

I wish I could go a year without cleaning. Three days and those files, that computer, the floor, the furniture; it'd all be covered in so much dog fur and tracked in dirt and dust and sand and goose poop that you wouldn't even be able to walk in the room without shivering in disgust. I envy you, my friend.

Erica M said...

Can you serve a few snacks, turn up the music and have your girlfriends help? My sister has been offering to help me clean my closet for a year, but I'm too embarrassed to accept. Your living room looks nothing like my closet. It would take an hour as opposed to three days :)

Just a thought.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You can do it!

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

You can do it! Sounds like you already have a plan, which is half the battle. Block out a time during the week, like you would a doctor's appointment or kids' sporting event, and tackle one or two things from the list.

Jamie said...

Get two boards... on one write these projects with a title like "things to do" and on the other write "things done"... crossing things off one list and writing them on the other will help. I PROMISE!! Doesn't have to be fancy just needs to be somewhere you can see it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Here's hoping you are able to meet your goals in this room and feel GREAT about it in just a few days/weeks.

Wish I was just a hop/skip/jump away, I'd "hep"

kyooty said...

Great between you, Carmen and Mary, I've really got to get my act in gear. I have no excuses. Cross Country running is over for the younger ones and the one in G7 is in charge of his own activities. I know I Need to get my livingroom handled but I haven't. maybe if I add another room on the house?