Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Horror of Halloween-Part 1

Back when I was a child, I loved Halloween. We lived in a safe neighborhood, with sidewalks and cul-de-sacs, there were lots of kids out, and we knew most everyone on the block. My best friend lived next door and we ALWAYS trick-or-treated together. She was one of 5 kids so we had a big group, too. I'm guessing that for our parents it was way more fun to do it together. I don't remember when we were allowed to go alone, maybe around 9?, but I do remember using pillow cases one year because we got to go all the way around the block and into each cul-de-sac. I have still never seen so much candy!

The year that I turned 11 was the year that all of that changed. That year, 1979, we moved from that accessible Southern California neighborhood to the mountains of Colorado. Trick or treating in a spread out mountain community isn't quite the same, not to mention that we were in 6th grade. OF COURSE there were parties, (easier for the parents, and we were WAY TOO MATURE to go begging for candy,) and since I was the new kid I wasn't invited to any of them. Thus started my aversion to Halloween. Totally tied to preteen angst.

I should also add that I am in no way, shape, or form creative, so trying to come up with a costume is an exercise in futility for me. Yes, I've scoured the internet, the catalogs, and the advertisements, but I can never come up with something that seemed to 'work' for me. Naughty Nurse? Uh, no thanks. So dressing up is out. Going to parties is also out since I'd rather stay home and pass out candy to the cute little ones that come by. Plus, going to a costume party just to drink too much and ruin whatever costume I did come up with just seems ridiculous.

Finally, I hate to be scared. So there's that.

So that's the background on the reason that I hate Halloween. Next up is the reason that it was a huge MOMMY FAIL this year. Whatever you're Halloween fail is, it will only pale in comparison to mine. You're welcome.
Headless Mom


Ruralmama said...

Thanks for answering my question! I've gotten lucky and have had no Halloween horrors, so I've never had an aversion to Halloween. But I can understand where yours comes from.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That would be a tough age to move to a new town. I like handing out the candy and thats it!!! You won't see me in a costume, haven't done that since HS if I even did it then. I did however enjoy dressing my kids up. Fail for me was the science projects each year.
Hated it!

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

I will not dress up myself, and to make the girls' costumes would stress me out. However, my neighbor is super creative, and I always like seeing what she comes up with.
My kids are still little, so Halloween is still fun, not scary. I have an aversion to scary.

Melisa Wells said...

Halloween is weird when you have one college student and one 16yo who goes to a friend's house to watch a movie. Totally bizarre this year over here!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

It's getting weird here at our house, too. Okay, weirder than usual I mean (DUH!)

kyooty said...

where oh where is part 2?