Thursday, September 5, 2013


  • go through 2 piles of school work, separate/toss/store (Haven't even started.)
  • organize hall cabinet (full of pictures)--mostly just get all of the crap inside.
  • finish cleaning off my desk (95% complete)
  • completely clean off kitchen counter (60% complete)
New additions to the list:
  • Dress fitting today
  • Make final month list/Calendar of To Dos and when to do them
  • Finish getting my clothing ready, including shopping for shoes
  • Call/hire a cleaning person and a window washer
Most importantly, however, is that today is the start of the NFL season.



Anonymous said...

Bronco watching should definitely take priority. Praying for you and all that you have to be doing....admiring your mo jo from the neighborhood!! Ann W.

Melisa said...

GO GO GO!!! xo

kyooty said...

Enjoy the game! :) maybe go through piles while watching? (hahahah I know right?)