Friday, September 13, 2013

{Stolen} Currently...

Stealing from Carmen. Join in on the fun!

Eating- Nothing, but getting ready to eat blackberry yogurt.

Drinking - Coffee. What else?

Wearing- My pj's- a pink tank with flowered shorts.

Listening to- Nature on my back patio. It's mostly quiet, with an occasional car or small airplane.

Last books bought/read- Send. (I forget the author. Have I already told you about this?) It's a YA novel about a boy who is attending a new school under an assumed name. You need to read it to figure out why. Worth it. Even my 13yo is devouring it.

Last songs purchased- I don't typically buy songs. Can't even remember ever buying just one, actually. I'm more of a cd girl. (Yes, still.) My parents got me the Darius Rucker cd for Christmas last year. 

Accomplished this week- House is clean and ready for the shower on Sunday. My family has been given the STERN WARNING that there are to be NO NEW MESSES.

On tap for the weekend- Procure all drinks for the shower on Sunday. Football game on Saturday. Dress shopping with a young girl on Friday evening.

Happy Friday, Y'all!!

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kyooty said...

I also don't purchase music. I'm more of a radio or whatever the kids are listening to fan. I'm going to have to look for that book Send.
Miss you elsewhere :)