Friday, November 29, 2013

Black friday Done Right

My friend Carmen asked this question this morning on Facebook:

[A friend] got me to thinking - if you were to list one thing that makes your Black Friday perfect, what would it be? For me, it's actually two things - pumpkin pie for breakfast, and a turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/gravy/cranberry bowl of awesomeness for lunch. What about you? What makes your #blackfridaydoneright? It doesn't have to be food (shhh, you heathen) - it might be shopping or decorating or whatever.

Her thinking got me thinking. (That's dangerous, I know.) Our favorite way to spend the day after Thankgiving when I was a teen and in college was going to a movie, maybe out to dinner, maybe walking the mall a little. It was less about shopping, more about the movie and spending time together.

I'm not so much a Black Friday shopper. The deals sound great but I pretty much hate people and big crowds. So I don't do it.

I realized this morning that I have kind of dreaded the day after Thanksgiving for the last 16 years. Some years we have family in town and I feel it a little less but it's still there. For the first 5 years of our marriage HD would play golf early on the day after Thanksgiving. Now, the company that HD has worked for for the last 11 years isn't closed on the day after Thanksgiving so he always works. I understand why-he usually has big projects going on, it's a great, quiet day to get paperwork done, we're usually saving vacation days for Christmas time.

My ideal #blackfridaydoneright would be sleeping in, waking up in the arms of my sweetie, and spending the day together finishing the clean up, watching a little college football, listening to Christmas music, starting to get Christmas decorations out, and all hanging out together.

A girl can dream can't she?


kyooty said...

Being Canadian and even having lived in the USA for 5yrs, black Friday still boggles the mind. I was at a Christmas Bazaar today raising money for the schools breakfast program, and every parent is talking about the Chaos that is American Black Friday. They all talk about the crowds, the crawling over others to go shopping, but I know it's different. The cities that are mentioned are not like the ones I've shopped in at 5am on a black Friday.

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

I spend 20 years in retail so I definitely boycott shopping on Black Friday. To me, it's sleeping in, hanging out with family, and starting to decorate for Christmas. This year, we went to the grandparents to take family pictures since everyone was in town.