Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh Yes, I'm an Aging Child of the 80's

Have you seen this post on djrioblog? It's pictures of 80's music icons and what they look like today. We're a pretty good looking generation, I'd say.

Thoughts on select artists:

The Cult:Yep. They look the same, pretty much. When is the new album coming out? Because they look posed for cover art. {Edited to add: OMG they are touring the US! My damn luck, they will be just a few miles from me while I'm out of town. GAH!}

The Human League: Beautiful. The most beautiful of the bunch, perhaps.

Culture Club: They now look like guys that would sit around our table on a Friday night drinking beer.

Squeeze: They still look as fun as their music sounds.

Bryan Ferry:

Oh.MyWord. OK. The guy has aged nicely. But does it really matter? All he needs to do is sing, preferably any song from the album Avalon, and BOOM! I'm melted butter.

Anabella Lwin of BowWowWow: She is beautiful, but still needs a few makeup pointers. ;-)

Toni Basil: A little too much knife, no? But still cute as a button.

Alphaville: Their song "Forever Young" was a memory maker for me. (Wasn't it for every teen in the 80's?) I can't look at this picture because it will remind me that I'm no longer Forever Young. Ahem.

Tears for Fears: These guys look great. My son takes piano from a woman that also teaches (used to teach?) one of these guy's daughters. I know because the daughter had chosen one of their songs to learn for a performance and the teacher showed me the video the very first time I met her. Street cred. Piano teacher hired.

The B-52's: Look better than they ever did.

Alison Moyet: Still gorgeous.

Simple Minds: Mentioned only because their album "Once Upon a Time" is perhaps my favorite album of all time. Looks like they're still touring in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Hmm...

New Order: Aren't they touring? I'd go see them, for sure.

The Go Go's:  This was my favorite band in the 80's. I think I loved them so much because they felt like a connection to my California birthplace. Also, they were girls who kicked ass. No one in my hometown was listening to them when Beauty and the Beat came out so I felt like I was 'cutting edge." One of my biggest bummer moments from that decade? Not ever seeing them in concert. I think they came to Red Rocks 3 or 4 times and each time we had a vacation scheduled and I couldn't go. I've since gotten to see them a couple of times since we've been married but I'm not sure it's quite the same. I do dig Jane's green hair, though.

Annie Lennox: She has always been stunning. Her's is the hair that I'd like to be able to pull off. What do you think?

Depeche Mode: Yep. They are on the soundtrack of my youth, in abundance. Still look pretty good, too, and I know that they are still cranking out music and touring.

However, I have to mention Robert Smith of The Cure. Dude. That look was great in the 1980's. Now? It just makes you look stupid. Ditch the eyeliner, man, you're 54 years old. And while you're at it? Brush your hair. Crazy frizzy hair at 25= fashion statement. Same hair at 54=homeless guy from under the bridge.

Who did you love seeing on the list? Who were you surprised at? Was your fave pictured?

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