Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting it Done

You might remember that about 4 (5? I'll have to check,) years ago we had a flood in the house? It originated in the laundry room and in the fixing process I was able to repaint the room. It really came out pretty but it wasn't finished until yesterday. Ahem.

All I really had to do was put the finishing touches. This cute switch plate came from our trip to the Virgin Islands last year. The frog is perfect with the yellow wall color!

The gecko came from a trip my parents took to the Caribbean about 15 years ago. I love having him hang out to help with the laundry. You can see the curtain rod on the edge of the picture... We finally hung it yesterday. I have a simple sheer curtain on this window since I don't really need privacy there.

On the other side of the window hangs this washboard. Let me give you a closer look...

My grandfather made a few of these and I'm lucky enough to have one of them. It's a 'Receet for Washing Clothes' and has instructions for building the fire, which clothes to wash first, what to do with the dirty water, etc. My mother has always had hers hanging in her laundry room and I love that I have one, too.

I also cleaned out and organized our front hall closet. I pulled the extra shelves out of my son's closet earlier in the summer when we moved things around in his room and closet. While they don't fit all the way across, it works perfectly for my extra totebags. (I have a serious problem with bags. I should tell you about it sometime.) We also have a jacket problem. All of these jackets belong to me and Headless Dad. Not one belongs to the boys. Yes, we do live in Southern California, where we need them for about 4 days a year. I will say, however, that only about 1/3 of them are mine!

This is the bottom of the closet where the extra toilet paper lives with the rarely used (but really nice,) snorkel equipment lives. Before I cleaned out the closet you could not see the floor. The extra stuff that was in there went to live elsewhere or went into the Give Away bag. 

I am jazzed that I was able to get these things done... FINALLY!!

This post inspired by Melisa, who finally got a few of her favorite pictures on the wall and switched out her kitchen cabinets for better functionality. Go check it out and get some ideas!



Steph said...

Love it!!! Muah!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Was it really that long ago??? Wow, time does fly. It looks great, way to go on getting it done! Of course I love your floors......

Melisa Wells said...

I loooooove buying things on trips that I can use as a part of my home decor!
I also love the washboard: what a special thing to have on your wall.

The coats made me laugh. I mean, come on. Tell Headless Dad that he needs to get rid of half of his coats so you can fit a vertical storage unit (one of those that hangs from the rod) for your bags! LOL

Melisa Wells said...

Doesn't it feel good??? Woot!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Love it! That washboard is awesome! Good job, my friend :)

kyooty said...

this is my 3rd attempt. LOL
The laundryroom turned out wonderful. I too need to get a handle on the clutter that seems to gather.