Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

Last Friday was a banner day around here, and I'm not sure I would have believed it if I hadn't lived it myself. This is normal around here, actually.

6:25- Alarm goes off. (This is our late day. M-Th is a 5:15 wake up. I'll spare you one of those.)
6:26- Start the coffee, feed the dog.
6:30- Get HB#2 up and moving.
6:35- Drink coffee. Duh. And check Facebook.
7:00- Make sure HB#2 is on his way for breakfast. He didn't want me to cook today. Yay!
7:15- Get HB#1 up and in the shower.
7:30- HB#1 actually gets in the shower.
7:45- Drive HB#2 and his friend to school
8:00- Return home. Have 2nd cup of coffee and play games on iPad.
8:05- Get HB#1 out of the shower.
8:06- Return to game.
8:15- Make tomato and cheese omelet for HB#1 because he had his wisdom teeth out last week and can't eat anything else.
8:40- Get puppy in crate.
8:45- Take HB#1 to school.
9:00- Meet a friend at Starbucks. Order a breakfast sandwich and ice water.
10:10- Leave coffee date reluctantly.
10:15- Return home to let the dog out. Have to put her on a leash since the gardeners are here and they leave the gates open.
10:30- Take the dog next door since said gardeners are here and I have to leave.
11:00- Pick up HB#1 at the high school to go to a follow up appointment for his wisdom teeth.
11:10- Race across town. Half way there realize I could have taken the freeway.
11:30- Make it to the dentist e.x.a.c.t.l.y. on time.
12:00- Leave dentist's office.
12:02- Hand HB#1 more money so he can go into Juice it Up for a smoothie with protein for his lunch.
12:07- Say a prayer that I can make it up the street to the gas station.
12:15- Fill up with gas so we can make it back to the high school. (It's only been 2 days since my last fill up. This pisses me off. At least gas prices have gone down a little.)
12:30- Arrive back at the school to sign him back in.
12:40- Get home and go get the dog and her brother. It's really hot and after 2 hours in the yard they are ready to be in. Plus they drank all of their water.
12:45- Collapse on the couch.
12:46- 2:20- (I'm not exactly sure what I did. Fed the dog. Oh! I visited with my neighbor when she came to get her dog.)
2:21- Talk about afternoon plans with HB#2 when he gets home from school. Give him a few minutes to breathe before we have to leave.
2:30- Take HB#2 to get new shoes. (For the love of all that is holy, could this kid's feet stop growing?? He's in a 10 1/2 at 12 years old, and needs new shoes every 3-4 months.)
2:40- Arrive at shoe store.
2:50- Convince him to try on a pair.
2:55- Success! Pay and we're outta there. Run into Toys R Us to see if they still have baby pools. For the dog. No luck.
3:00- Go across the street to get the kid frozen yogurt.
3:10- Text our hair stylist to see if she wants some.
3:17- Get her yogurt.
3:25- Leave for 3:45 hair appointment. Get on freeway.
3:27- Freeway comes to a dead stop.
3:35- Have kid text hair stylist that we're stuck in traffic.
3:45- Make it to the salon e.x.a.c.t.l.y. on time for HB's haircut.
4:15- Leave salon.
4:30- Arrive at the park across from the high school to pick up HB#1
4:45- Arrive home and collapse on couch.
4:47- Remind kids to get their things ready for their night time activities.
4:48- Text neighbor who is giving HB#1 his haircut that we are home.
5:00- Neighbor comes to cut his hair. Chat.
5:30- Leave to take HB#2 to football practice.
5:50- Drop him at his practice, head home.
6:05- Arrive at home. See if HB#1 is ready to go.
6:15- Leave for the church.
6:35- Drop him at church for an all night activity. Leave for home.
7:00- Arrive at home. The traffic was horrible on the way home so it took much longer!
7:01- Call HD to see if he can for sure pick up the football kid. (Otherwise I would have to leave in about 20 minutes.) I'm in the clear.
7:15- Open and Angry Orchard cider. Check Facebook.
7:20- HD and HB#2 arrive home. Want to know what is for dinner.


I know someone out there can relate. Right?



kyooty said...

I can totally relate. It's hard to keep it all straight sometimes.

Melisa Wells said...

I love the part where you couldn't remember what you did. I wonder why! LOL
It's all enough to make a brain explode!