Monday, December 1, 2014

Housework Help!

Now I need your help. We have almost 1,000 sq. ft of dark hardwood flooring. I have a great vacuum that has carpet and hard floor settings that I am happy with. I've been using Pledge squirt and mop stuff that is fantastic. (Before that I was using a spray and mop solution from the Gold Canyon Candle company that I also loved.) The mop that I use is adequate.

My problem? I need a 'floor duster.' You know, the kind that is kinda fluffy and can go under the furniture, and has a washable, extra soft mop end? The one that I had broke today. Actually, it was the second one to break. TWO have broken. Does anyone have a suggestion of one that maybe won't break? I would actually prefer one that does not have multiple pieces because they always break.

This is silly, I know, but if I can't ask my tribe then who can I ask?

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kyooty said...

Wait the puppies don't do this? LOL! I haven't had a lot of luck with mops or vacuums, or dry mops. :( I just bought a new swiffer because the $ store one sucked.