Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's TV Tuesday!

Does anyone in America NOT follow American Idol to some degree? I know, some don't jump in until the top 12, some even wait for the top 6. But really, does anyone NOT follow it somewhat, at all? It is quite the family thing around the Headless household. Headless Dad likes to hear the awful ones get bashed, the Headless Boys seem to fall in love with someone right from the start, Headless Girl and I just watch, thinking about the future weeks, who will make it, who won't. Don't get me wrong, we're not freaky about it, but we do like this show. Kind of reminds me of the old days of families gathering around the radio for their favorite show-minus the kindness, and with a healthy dose of Simon.

Happy viewing! And tell me who YOUR early favorite is!


Keetha said...

Here we are - - - the NEVER WATCH AI PEOPLE. Neither hubby nor I like it at all. So - - - we just hear the REST of the world rave about it and we ignore it.


Football it ain't. ;-)

Keetha said...

We like TV Tuesday around here too - - - but its 'cause we LOVE NCIS. ;-)

Sam said...

The thing about Simon is, he's not really wrong. There was a couple of people on the Tuesday show (we've not seen the Dallas show yet - love TiVo! :) that Simon was honest with, and not crass or mean, but they still went out of the room railing on him.

We figured it out early on, he's honest and tactless, but he's right. :)