Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few things...Mostly just some randomness and loose ends...

(I really don't have time to write today-the shower (bridal) is looming and Christmas still beckons from the living room. But I'm really, really good at procrastinating. Can't you tell?)

I did love the beginning of AI last night. Mostly because it kept Headless Dad up past his usual 7:00 snore-fest. He loves the first weeks of AI-he isn't mean in the slightest, but I guess being a voyeur to the awfulness that is the Open Auditions is an outlet for any mean-ness that might sneak through. I have a few favorites already, but Hollywood week is the true test. The stress separates the kids from the adults, so to speak.

The Headless Grandparents are coming in tomorrow. They are very cool, very fun (and helpful!) to have around. I'll have to introduce you to them later. You'll then understand how I became headless. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, really.

Tonight is the Pinewood Derby Race at scouts. Have any of you participated before? This is our first time, and I really hope HB1 does ok. If nothing he'll probably have the coolest looking car there. HD has been obsessed with the sanding, the sanding, the get the idea.

Oh! I have an internet-y question for you: Do you have a good site for tv/flat screen/brand reviews? We have been talking about taking the plunge and I told HD I would see what I could find. Your own reviews would be great, too. He/we have been looking but are still clueless. Help!

I had a really good time with my Bible study girls last night. We met at the book store to decide on a directed study-A Women of Faith study on 'Finding Joy'. Perfect for me, I might add, remember? Then we went to get coffee and I found something that could ruin my weight loss if I lived closer. Decaf CREME BRULE, people. Amazing. One as a treat is ok-but I really have to stay away from that neighborhood or my butt may become a huge CREME BRULE.

I really need to get more done on the bathroom I'm remodeling. Like put up a mirror before the shower on Sat.? I also have the medicine cabinet to install, need to caulk the side and back splashes, seal the doors and drawers of the cabinet so they can be installed. It's just little stuff, but with Christmas in the living room, who can focus?

Happy Wednesday, all. And if you have suggestions for any of the above, please fill me in!


Keetha said...

I LOVE procrastinating (am doing it right now - - - really should be paying bills)

I don't know a web site, and I can't tell you about any others, but we bought a Mitsubishi flat screen three years ago and we still LOVE it. It's HD and about 52 inches.

Carmen said...

We are SKIPPING the derby this year - we've got three activities on the same day and my son just really isn't into it. I'm not going to kill myself for it.

Sam said...

Amazon's always a good place to see reviews, but like all opinions, they're...opinions. :) You can kind of do your own aggregation. always has great information and shopping tools:

What I'll likely do is see what Costco/Sam's Club has and check the reviews of those. It can really be paralyzation by information. Going with what your own eyes tell you in a narrower field will probably be more managable.

(Would I be HBro? ;)

Anonymous said...

My kids (girls!) are racing their pinewood derby cars tomorrow on the boy scout's track. First time. They can't wait!

Hope you got Christmas down by now. It's kinda depressing to look at in mid-late January, I think!