Wednesday, February 20, 2008

*Knock, Knock* Is Anyone there?

Yes, I'm still here, more or less. The Great Sickness of 2008 really got me-I haven't been sick in about 3 years and now I remember why. Being sick sucks. Big time! As a status report HD and I are mostly over it (just a lingering cough,) and HB2 has it and is starting his 2nd round of antibiotics today. Like my mom always used to say, "I don't have time" and it usually works. Not this time however.

Onward and upward.

Life went on at the Headless household-baseball practice is fully underway, and Headless Girl is cheering her heart out for the girls basketball team in the playoffs. The laundry piled up big time-I had to get that under control before I could even post, it was that bad. We missed a family party last weekend because of the crud-I'm sure it went well but I hate to miss that stuff!

For those of you that pray, would you please send up a word on behalf of my Aunt? She was admitted into the hospital last night with a small intestinal blockage; they don't know yet if they'll need to operate. Headless Grandmother went to be with her, and that's about all we know so far. Thanks for helping me to fill His inbox!

Have you been keeping up with American Idol? Well, the top 12 boys look pretty good, except for the few that don't. Mostly the ones lacking testosterone are the ones that need to go IMO. Not because of their lack of testosterone, but because of their lack of, um, say TALENT? My faves are Rocker guy from Florida, Dread-lock guy from Texas, and Hot guy from Australia by way of Atlanta. I'll let you know the status of the gals after tonight.

Speaking of tonight, HB1 has Blue and Gold starting at 6 so I've gotta hustle to get these kids out the door. Thanks for staying with me internet pals and forgiving the interuption!



Queen B said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Sam said...

Haven't watched the AI stuff yet, but yes, the Aussie is way talented.

Of the ones they focused on during the auditions & Hollywood, I like Danny and that 16-yr-old. And the Irish girl is *awesome*.

Glad you're all mostly on the mend. Be well.