Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why We're Headless-Part 2

Welcome back! I have had many questions regarding our Headlessness and hope you can really wrap your head around this. Read Part 1 here, or you might not get it all!

So, when we last left off school had just started and everything was ok. It didn't last very long. For those of you that live in southern California you may remember the heat wave that started at the end of August last year? Well, it was around 110 for about a week with no relief at night. Our air conditioner decided to take a dump about 1 day into the heat wave. Luckily my BIL lives in town and he and his (then) girlfriend were on vacation and we could stay at his house. So we packed up and went down to stay. The AC guy came to our house to check it out (we had gotten an estimate a few months before for a new unit,) but nothing could be done until the new one came in a week later. Despite the heat and the driving, the weekend was ok and we stayed on at BIL's until later in the week. We were really on a lucky streak when the power went out on Sunday evening for about 4 hours!

(Clear as mud, right? Stay with me.)

I also had started driving a friend's kids to school-mostly because I can't say no. So each morning we had to leave early to go get the other boys and then go to our school.

(A little back story before I go on: my husband works in an industry and at a company that does A LOT of emergency service. His phone can ring any time of the day or night-sometimes he has to go immediately, sometimes not at all. When the weather is really hot or really wet we can usually count on it ringing. He is paid well for his overtime so we usually don't complain.)

Headless Dad got an emergency call on Wednesday afternoon and never made it home that night. He ended up working through part of the day on Thursday and then came home (we were back home by then,) to go to sleep. That sleep part never came. He was up all night with a horible pain in his leg-so bad that he wanted to bash it with a crowbar because he thought that it would feel better than that pain. He went to the ER and they basically said "Here's some vicodin! Go home! Nothing we can do!" So yeah, that went well. The vicodin would only work for about an hour so he was taking WAY over the recommended dosage just to barely function.

On Monday he finally got in to see his doctor and he got a little relief but by Wednesday he was in a lot of pain again. We called the doctor's office and they set it up so we could take him to the hospital and be admitted. After a bunch of tests they determined that he had a herniated disc (L-5, S-1), and the pain was from the pressure on his nerve. The hospital stay was until Friday evening and luckily they were able to FINALLY control the pain.

This was also the week that Boy 1 started baseball practice 2 days a week, Boy 2 (and me! The coach!) started soccer practice 2 days a week. Remember, Girl was a senior and a cheerleader? Luckily she was already driving on her own and I didn't have to get her to and from those practices.

Oh, right. I forgot about Thursday...You'll never guess what happened that day. Come back to find out!

Headless Mom


AMomTwoBoys said...

You're such a tease.

Sam said...

Around the time I got to "...I can't say no" I thought "Headless...more like brainless...." ;)

Love ya, sis! :D

headless girl :] said...

ohhh i remeber thursday..

visiting dad at the hospital on my way to church right?

or am i thinking of something else?

headless girl :] said...

talk about brainless...i spelled remember wrong

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm a sucker for cliff hangers... If everyone made their blog posts end with a "tune in next time" - I would probably have to quit my day job to make time for reading. And I love the teasers. When does this cheerleading thing come into play?!

headless girl :] said...

eh i kinda did the whole cheer thing on my own..since i have my drivers license all they had to do was show up...instead of take me to and from the school multiple times like they had to in the past

Mike said...

Ouch. Herniated discs are NOT fun. My uncle had one and he was not a happy man. Hope the hubby is feeling better!

Baby Clothes by Ambajam said...

I think I may have to read that again :) Thanks for the post though, I was curious about the headlessness.

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Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Even without the rest of the story, I'm pretty sure I get the whole "headless" thing. I'd be headless too!