Thursday, November 7, 2013

20 Things

Numbered, because I cannot form full paragraphs.

  1. Shoulder surgery went well. 
  2. #1 has a double ear infection. Took him to the dr. after I got HD settled into the surgery unit.
  3. #2's leg injury is getting better.
  4. So many friends have reached out today. Thank you. 
  5. Why do these things come in 3's? And why this week?
  6. My girl got a job in Colorado! 
  7. She and her husband seem to be settling in pretty well.
  8. Why did no one ever tell me about Swedish Fish? Addicted.
  9. I actually cooked dinner tonight after all of the running around that I did. 
  10. And it was good!
  11. Pork chops, carrots, potatoes, in gravy, and green beans, if you were wondering.
  12. Why is it still in the 80's in November? I'm so hot. All.the.time.
  13. I reached my pre-wedding weight loss goal. (It was a pretty loose goal, but I still got there.)
  14. Now I need to maintain it through the holidays.
  15. I'm actually itching to exercise. Good sign.
  16. My #1's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. Pretty cool.
  17. My aunt also seems to be settling in well in Colorado with my parents.
  18. My kids are loving the new Assasin's Creed 4, Black Flag. I'm watching one of them play right now.
  19. My #2's team got 2nd in their division in football. He had never played in a championship game before.
  20. You are so glad this list is over. (Right?)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad that everything went well with HD. You certainly accomplished a lot yesterday and made an awesome dinner too!

kyooty said...

#8, Hubbie used to get these every Christmas from his GM, once we got married, I took over that tradition for him. I'm hoping the boys will pick it up once I can't accomplish it.
Supper sounds yummy,
YAY! for HD surgery being done,
And I hope your boys continue to heal
Great Job Vibes for HG!