Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So Much for Wednesday, Too

I figured out earlier tonight that the only 5 minutes I've had all week to vacuum has been at 11pm. Since that is when my family is sleeping it hasn't gotten done.

No, my week has not been like Carmen's. Hers really sucks. (Go give her some love? A comment on any post will do. She's had a rotten, no good, very bad week.) Mine? Garden variety busy, plans changing, running out of time to do things. #2 has half days all week, #1 got sick last night. All of this in the middle of getting ready for HD to have shoulder surgery tomorrow.

Yes, you heard me right. Shoulder surgery.

And I've hardly recovered from the wedding.

So, while I'm at the hospital, go read what I do to prepare for shoulder surgery. I have a list.

I've been in this rodeo before.

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kyooty said...

I hope that HD heals quickly from his surgery. I have a friend in Virginia that just had this surgery done. He's working through PT right now.