Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!


Once again the holidays are upon us. Hopefully your turkey is in the brine, the pies are made, and you have your to-the-minute oven schedule written and posted. (Just me? Kidding. I'm not even hosting this year.)

I read Melisa's post earlier and I wish I had her attitude about the holidays. Well, I'm better than I was, but not as relaxed as I feel like I should be. I feel so much pressure for everything to be 'perfect'. You know? It never is. When the kids were younger I wanted holidays here at my house so that I wouldn't have to travel with the babies but it made me a complete stress-ball. In what universe is cleaning the entire house, having house guests, and cooking most of a huge meal with toddlers under foot easier than showing up somewhere with a dish or two? Someone needed to slap me upside the head.

Note to young parents: Go if/where you are invited. Yes it's a hassle to pack all the baby crap but you won't have the stress of making sure that Aunt Betty has her favorite wine and the toilet is clean after the last potty training session. Learn from my mistakes, people.

We were on the way to the orthodontist this morning and listening to a talk radio station and the host was having people call in to share their best 'excuses' for getting out of the annual family argument. We were howling! The host suggested to walk in complaining of a toothache so that when the argument starts you can complain about the tooth and leave. A caller suggested bringing the Monsignor (or another respected member of the clergy or community,) so that everyone would be on their best behavior. Yet another even suggested just the opposite: bring a date that is tattooed, possibly drunk, or whatever might be offensive to your family so that in following years whoever you bring will look fantastic in comparison. We typically have Thanksgiving with my husband's family and to my knowledge have never had a family argument around the table. Can I get an "Amen!"?

I pray that your travels have been safe, that your family arguments are only discussions, your apple pie is as delicious as mine, and your wine glass is never empty!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!


Melisa said...

See, and you just brought this full circle by giving specific examples of why I do what I do.;)
Try and enjoy tomorrow, my friend! xoxo

Kendra HeadlessMom said...

Thanks Melisa! I'm dying to hear about your dinner. That restaurant sounds great!

kyooty said...

Happy ThanksGiving. :) My Tradition is to try to Americanize this week for the boys but in the end? I did nothing. The only think I managed to do was watch the parade.

tracey becker said...

I am ALLLL for going to people's houses and never hosting. Me, clean the house AND cook AND have a good time? Those don't mix.